Thursday, May 21, 2015

My Top "Good Vibes" Instagram Accounts


I LOVE Instagram and I follow a lot of different kinds of brands and people, but some of my favorites are ones that have a little more meaning behind them then just pretty photos (although they have those to, of course). These are what I like to call my "good vibes" accounts. These consistently have either encouraging and uplifting words, positive energy, beautiful writing, inspiring quotes (not the cheesy kind), or all of the above. Whether I'm having a good day or bad one they just make me feel happy, hopeful, excited, inspired, emotional, motivated... all the feels. Here they are:

Chelsea is my sweet friend and takes a lot of my outfit photos you see on the blog. She always has something nice to say and reminds us to be thankful for all the things we have in life.

This is a clothing company. They post a lot from music festivals all around the word. It's a very free-spirited, wanderlust-y kind of account. Makes me want to travel the globe hopping from festival to festival.

Another clothing company. This account gives me so much wanderlust. Flowers in my hair, let's get in the car and drive to the coast. Then we'll decide to stay and never leave again.

Bridget has some of the most unique writing I've ever read. The way she strings words together is so beautiful. She is in on vaca in Paris right now... Her photos and captions are so gorgeous.

Dylana is a fashion blogger whose style I really relate to. She is a photographer with a great eye and also a really beautiful writer, singer and poet.

Kristen and Matt are a young couple who left their lives back home to travel all around North America. Their journey is told through these photos. I first heard of them on the Free People blog. You can read more about their story there.

Sarah is a local Austinite. She is the type of person who makes Austin so great. Uber creative, sensitive, emotional. All the feelings shine through in her photos and her words.

I'll probably start featuring some of my favorite Instagram accounts once a month. I hope you enjoyed this and do yourself a favor- go check them out!

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