Tuesday, May 26, 2015

In Blue Jean

Free People Top (similar), Zara Skirt, In Blue Handmade Bag, Flask, Journal and Guitar Strap, Nasty Gal Clogs (similar), Ray-Ban Sunglasses

Wow it was a rainy Memorial Day weekend in Austin but regardless I enjoyed it and the extra day off. Among all the rain, we have had a few decent days here and there like this day I got to shoot with Chelsea for the folks at In Blue Handmade. This leather goods shop travels around from festival to festival selling handcrafted leather goods from tote bags, to flasks, journals, guitar straps and more. They are so sweet that they are kindly offering my readers 10% off on any purchase made from their retail shop HERE with the coupon code inbluepieceology. Get shopping! I'll be at Bonnaroo in June and so will In Blue Handmade. Excited to stop by their tent to say hi and shop some beautiful merchandise!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

My Top "Good Vibes" Instagram Accounts


I LOVE Instagram and I follow a lot of different kinds of brands and people, but some of my favorites are ones that have a little more meaning behind them then just pretty photos (although they have those to, of course). These are what I like to call my "good vibes" accounts. These consistently have either encouraging and uplifting words, positive energy, beautiful writing, inspiring quotes (not the cheesy kind), or all of the above. Whether I'm having a good day or bad one they just make me feel happy, hopeful, excited, inspired, emotional, motivated... all the feels. Here they are:

Chelsea is my sweet friend and takes a lot of my outfit photos you see on the blog. She always has something nice to say and reminds us to be thankful for all the things we have in life.

This is a clothing company. They post a lot from music festivals all around the word. It's a very free-spirited, wanderlust-y kind of account. Makes me want to travel the globe hopping from festival to festival.

Another clothing company. This account gives me so much wanderlust. Flowers in my hair, let's get in the car and drive to the coast. Then we'll decide to stay and never leave again.

Bridget has some of the most unique writing I've ever read. The way she strings words together is so beautiful. She is in on vaca in Paris right now... Her photos and captions are so gorgeous.

Dylana is a fashion blogger whose style I really relate to. She is a photographer with a great eye and also a really beautiful writer, singer and poet.

Kristen and Matt are a young couple who left their lives back home to travel all around North America. Their journey is told through these photos. I first heard of them on the Free People blog. You can read more about their story there.

Sarah is a local Austinite. She is the type of person who makes Austin so great. Uber creative, sensitive, emotional. All the feelings shine through in her photos and her words.

I'll probably start featuring some of my favorite Instagram accounts once a month. I hope you enjoyed this and do yourself a favor- go check them out!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Dinosaur and Me

Top via Goldmine Vintage, Levi's Shorts via Urban Outfitters, Lotta From Stockholm Clogs, Brixton Hat, Thrifted Backpack

I'm finally feeling like I'm getting back into the swing of things after being out of town for over two weeks. Does anybody else have that issue? You go out of town for an extended period of time and when you get back you need at least a few days to reacclimate yourself to home. I had a lot of things to do when I got back. So, I did them and now I feel more settled. So there. Back in my comfort zone. It's nice to be in your comfort zone sometimes. Just don't get to comfortable there, ya know?

Honestly, I say I like being in my comfort zone, and I do, but I don't really like to stay there for too long. I get bored. I definitely was not in mine when we were shooting at this location. This place used to be a putt putt golf course years ago and is in a not-so-safe part of town. Lots of interesting characters lurking around... But, it was actually really fun to shoot there and I got more comfortable after a little bit. Of course, I immediately walked right over to the dinosaur statue and started posing in front of it. I really love how the photos turned out. So, the moral of the story is- When you feel like you've gotten just a little too comfortable, go find a giant dinosaur on the bad side of town and hang out with it for a little while. That should put some pep in your step real quick ;)

P.S. I suggest you invest in a pair of white shorts this summer. I wear these constantly. They go with so much and are a more interesting take on the plain blue jean short.

Photos by Whitney Devin

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

May Fancy Tunes 2015

I didn't explain last month when I did my April Fancy Tunes playlist why I call them "fancy." While you may think it's just because they are tunes and I find them fancy, the word "fancy" has a little bit more meaning to me than just something I like to say or use to describe things. It's actually my nickname. Fancy Pants, but Fancy for short. So, last year when I started creating monthly playlists on my Spotify account I decided to call them "Fancy Tunes." Much more fun than just calling them "April 2015" or "May Playlist 2015" right? So anyway, that's why they are fancy, because they are mine and I am Fancy. Feel free to call me that whenever you see me. I like it.

Now, on to the music. We've got lots of different genres here. I went to Levitation Fest, formerly Austin Psych Fest, this past weekend (where the photo above was taken // so much fun!!) so you'll get some psych rock, but I've also been on a bit of a rap kick lately, so you'll get some of that to, and then even a few pretty mellow tunes... among other things. Enjoy!

Listen to it on Spotify HERE.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Travel Recap: New Orleans + New York City + Boston

New Orleans

First stop on my travels was NOLA. I went in town to go to Jazz Fest and visit my dad. One of those things happened, the other didn't. I was able to hang with my dad for the weekend but Jazz Fest ended up being a no go. I was all ready to go and it started POURING down rain. Not just a little. A lot. So, I waited and waited and then I decided to stop waiting and go eat lunch instead. I was pretty bummed but I ended up meeting up with a friend later that day and we went to see Father John Misty at the Civic Theatre, which was such a cool venue, and J Tillman is so great. Amazing performer and musician. So, even though the weekend didn't really turn out the way I thought it would it still ended up being a really great time spent with family and friends. And I stayed dry in the process.

New York City

Where do I start with New York... I'll take you through by day.

Day 1: We got in early. Our flight left at 5:30am... As soon as we got there we went out and spent the afternoon in Bryant Park having lunch and drinking champagne. That evening we went to 230 5th roof top bar which overlooks the Empire State Building and has other really beautiful views of the city. It was very chilly so we got these cute red robes. I felt like I was in a Santa suit and I liked it.

Day 2: I had to work on Tuesday so I decided to head to Lincoln Center for a better view. Good choice. It was really beautiful and I actually found a quiet place to work. That evening we walked the High Line then went to this Italian market called Eataly which was by far my favorite part of the trip. I highly recommend checking it out if you're ever in the city. There is a meat and cheese restaurant, a pasta restaurant, an Italian grocery store and a roof top bar. I love that about NYC. There are so many unique places to go hang out that you don't get anywhere else.

Day 3: Wednesday I also had to work, so afterward we went and walked the Brooklyn bridge at sunset. It was really beautiful and we ran into two of my favorite celebrities from Parenthood, Jason Ritter and Mae Whitman. Just walking across the bridge, chatting. Jason and I definitely made eye contact. Swoon. Anywayyyy, on the Brooklyn side of the bridge we had dinner at Juliana's Pizza... delicious. Then headed to The Chocolate Room for some dessert. I ate so much on this trip and I'm so not mad about it.

Overall: I love NY. I had such a great time hanging out with my cousins, the weather was chilly but sunny and beautiful. We drank lots of wine, ate lots of cheese, and had such meaningful conversation. We all got to know each other better and even got to know ourselves a little better in the process.


Day 1: We took the train from NYC to Boston which was actually a highlight of the trip for me. I loved it. The seats were roomy, the weather was really nice and we rode through Connecticut and Rhode Island. The scenery was gorgeous. Once we arrived we grabbed some lunch (and some drinks, obviously) then we headed to the park. I was so amazed by all the flowers and blooms everywhere. It's like real Spring, y'all. Which we surely aren't used to in Texas. It was really gorgeous. And Boston is so clean. The park and the water, all so well-kept. I was super impressed.

Day 2: We got a late start on day 2. We needed it. On the go all day and up late nights having a good time. I was so grateful to sleep in! We went out to lunch at Top of the Hub which has great views overlooking Boston. That evening we had our Boston trip highlight- the Yankees vs. Red Sox game. WHAAAA? Yeah, it was awesome. Such a cool experience being inside of Fenway Park for "the greatest rivalry in baseball." The Red Sox didn't win but the fans were still in high spirits. We were also pretty hyped from the game so we decided we wanted to go out dancing. Ended up at a bar across from the park and our dance mission was definitely accomplished.

Day 3: We went to Harvard! I never thought I'd go walk on the Harvard campus, but I did. It was really beautiful and I swear I felt a little smarter after we left ;) Then we went on a duck tour. I really wanted to learn more about the city since Boston played such a huge role in American history. The tour was great. I mean, we were driven on this bus into the water! It was strange and awesome all at the same time. That evening we went out to Legal Seafood for lobster. I mean, com'n, I had to get lobster. It was delicious. And at this point I probably don't even need to say it but I will anyway... We also had wine. So. Much. Wine.

Day 4: The last day of our trip! We had brunch at Met Bar. I had eggs benedict per usual (that's my go-to brunch meal) and a couple mimosas before we had to hit it to the airport. Then back home we flew.

Overall: I really enjoyed Boston. I had no idea it was actually kind of small. Through my experience with living in Austin, I can definitely appreciate a smaller city. I feel most comfortable somewhere smaller. More manageable and less overwhelming than NYC. I could never see myself living in Boston but I definitely would love to visit again. The people were super friendly and the city was extremely charming.

Whew, what a trip. And like I mentioned in my last post I'm still out of town. But it's a work trip so I won't bore you with the details. I'll be home soon though! I love to travel but it'll be really nice to get home and settle down for a little bit before my next adventure in June. More to come on that soon!

All photos from my instagram @pieceology