Tuesday, March 1, 2016

March Small Goals: 2016

Photo by Chelsea Laine Francis

Two days after I published my February goals I got a call that my dad had been rushed to the ICU in New Orleans where he lives and I needed to get there ASAP. I booked a flight right away and was in his hospital room by late that evening. That's pretty much how my February went. It's very difficult to maintain any kind of routine when you're going back and forth from a hospital every week. My priority in February was being there for my dad so I honestly didn't go too far out of my way to stick with some of these goals I set for myself. They just didn't feel all that important, you know? I did have a lot of time to think while I was at the hospital though so I feel good about what I did and didn't accomplish anyway.

My dad was admitted to the hospital in early February when doctors found a very severe bacterial infection around his aortic heart valve. There have been dozens and dozens of complications that have come up since then and to say it's been extremely heartbreaking would be an understatement. He is doing better right now and I'm confident he'll recovery from all of this, but he has a long road ahead, so I don't really know what this month will have in store for me. With that said, I still do have some things I'd like to accomplish in March but first let's see how I did in February.

1) Set up an Etsy shop for Pieceology Vintage.
This did not happen but I still plan on doing it soon. 
2) Find a prepared meals service I like. 
I decided last month that this isn't really a priority for me anymore. I'm trying to save money right now rather than spend it and prepared meals can be pretty expensive. 
3) Drink more water! 
Yep. I bought a nalgene bottle and am pretty happy with how I've been doing so far. 
4) Get blog posts done ahead of time. 
I did pretty good but I've also decided while everything is going on with my dad, instead of trying to ramp up to three posts a week I'll stick with two unless I feel I have the time for more. 
5) Slow down. 
Honestly, I was kind of forced into doing this. There is nothing about being in a hospital all day long that is slow or relaxing but I was kind of doing the same things everyday (wake up, day job, hospital, home, sleep, repeat) and wasn't super focused on blogging and Pieceology Vintage and being in Austin and doing all the things like I normally am. So in that regard, which was my intent with this goal, I do feel like I slowed things down.

Three out of five. Like I said, my dad was my main priority so I'm happy with the fact that I still accomplished some of these goals. With March's uncertainty because of my dad's condition I'm keeping things light. Here's what I've got.

Set up an Etsy shop for Pieceology Vintage. 
I will keep this on the list. I'd like to focus on this aspect of the shop this month.

Start taking biotin again. 
I've spent the last couple years nursing my hair back to health after a six month stint of bleaching it white but I still do a lot of heat damage to it. I'd like to start taking biotin again to strengthen my locks a bit more. I'm also hoping it'll help with growth and thickness! Any tips here??

I'd at least like to start doing them. Now that I have PVTG things will be slightly more complex than they've been in past years. Fun.

Spring cleaning. 
I have too many things. I'd like to do a very big closet clean out in March.

As you can see I only set four goals rather than five like I normally do. I honestly didn't think much about goal setting this month. My life has been very much day by day lately. Not a lot of planning going on. Please keep my family and especially my dad in your thoughts. We'll take all the good vibes we can get!

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