Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sunday Funday (The Perfect Dress)

Festivals, here I come!

I have been eying this dress for several weeks now. First, I saw her on Pinterest... which led me HERE at Mickey's Girl. When I got there I was sadly informed that the dress was 'Currently Out of Stock' :( So, I took that word (currently) to heart and checked back every couple days, until finally, Friday she was back! But, to my complete devastation she wasn't available in my size... so, I dub us not meant to be. I continued browsing some of my favorite sites and, I kid you not, about 10 minutes later I stumbled upon her again! IN MY SIZE!! So, I retracted the statement that we weren't meant to be (rejection can make people say silly things they don't really mean) and immediately pulled out the plastic and hit 'ADD TO CART' :) This lovely should be hitting my doorstep any day now. What a long story for such a simple, perfect piece of cloth. Oh yeah, after all that babbling I almost forgot, get her HERE in mint, black, taupe, or orange at Mikkat Market (while supplies last). Happy Sunday!



  1. what a great success story! this dress is SO gorgeous :)


  2. I randomly came across this post through the interwebs and couldn't NOT check out Mikkat Market....they only had ONE dress left, in the peach color I wanted, and in my size! Serendipity...I even created a whole post dedicated to this dress, that's how much I love it :) Great post!