Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Skinny Limits 3 Day Juice Cleanse: Day 1 Recap

I originally planned on just doing a one post summary of my 3-day juice cleanse I did last week from Skinny Limits (local Austin Juice Bar). Then, halfway through the first day, I realized the thoughts that go through one's mind who has never done this before are far too funny not to share. So, with that, here's my play-by-play of day 1:

Started the day off a little late so I had a feeling I was going to feel like I was constantly having to drink juice all day.

Not as bad as I thought. The first juice 'Pure and Simple' was decent.

Then the next 2 tasted almost exactly like the first so I was getting a little (or a lot) antsy for something different. I also had a tiny headache. Nothing unbearable though. By this point I'm peeing at least once an hour (sorry for the TMI).

Yep, feel like I've been drinking juice all day... I should really try to drink each one faster so I have more time between them!

Thankful my 4th drink around 5:30, the 'Scorpion Lemonade', tasted like really sour lemonade which I love. Nothing like the first 3. Smart on their part to give you something a little different to get you through dinner.

Then I see an Instagram photo of my best friends Jersey Mike's sub sammie. Dammit, I want one. Note to self: Maybe I should stop looking at Instagram for the rest of this cleanse...

Finished the 'Scorpion Lemonade' pretty quick. Still thinking about that sandwich.

The 5th drink was the same as the 1st, 2nd and 3rd. At least I had that lemonade to break it up.

I'm starting to think about the last juice- vanilla bean, cinnamon, cashews, agave nectar. Yum. Nothing like a little liquid dessert before bed (that didn't come out as well as it sounded in my head).

Then my roommate made the most delicious looking quesadilla. AND had a beer... Jerk.

The 'Cresent Moon' dessert juice was yummy and I was glad to end my day with that + a little Mad Men. Don Draper makes most things better.

Day 1 Summary:
I have to say I wasn't hungry at any point during the day. How could I be? 16 oz. of juice every 3 hours is A LOT. I love Diet Coke, but I wouldn't even want to drink 6, 16 oz. bottles of that a day. It's just a lot of liquid. But I don't hate it. Not having any variety makes it a little tedious but maybe I'll be used to it by day 2?? My girl Natalia said she felt great on day 2, so there's hope! Stay tuned!

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