Tuesday, November 26, 2013

When are we too old to wear ripped jeans?

I was talking with my grandmother the other night about going shopping together over the Thanksgiving holiday and mentioned I really wanted a pair of ripped jeans. She proceeded to ask me, in all sincerity, "When do you think you'll be too old to wear ripped jeans?" I thought about it for a few seconds then responded, "Well, I don't know, but not right now!" So, we went out the next day and I got a pair of really cute Hudson Jeans, with rips in them of course.

Afterward, I really started to think about her question. When would I actually feel too old to wear certain things? After pondering over it for a few days I think I've come to a pretty good conclusion. As long as we feel good in what we are wearing we can wear whatever we please. If I feel that at 60, 70, 80 years old I want a pair of ripped jeans or a cute floral baby doll dress I won't hesitate to go out and buy just that. I can pretty much guarantee I won't feel comfortable in such youthful clothing when I get "old" but hey, it's just the same way I feel now about certain trends grade school kids wear. You won't find me running around in something Hannah Montana would wear. Pink polka dot tights paired with aqua blue leather skirts just aren't my thing now that I'm in my 20s (and also probably because I'm not a tween pop star). I think we evolve with age in many ways, one of those ways being how we dress. The older I get the more I won't feel comfortable in some of the things I would wear now.

While I was doing some research for this post I came across this brilliant blog called Advanced Style. It's a street style blog featuring photos of older women in extremely fashion forward clothing. Its contents prove that just because someone is considered "old" by societies standards doesn't mean they have to sacrifice style. And if that's not enough just look at Anna Dello Russo in her 50s, or Linda Rodin in her 60s, all the way to freakin Karl Lagerfeld who is 80 years old! These style icons make me believe that you really can be absolutely fabulous at any age. Even without those silly ripped jeans as part of your wardrobe anymore.

Image via Advanced Style.

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