Wednesday, January 8, 2014

14 "Resolutions" for 2014

Well hello. Happy 2014! How has the year been for you so far? We're already a week in. I've got no complaints as of yet. All in all, it's been a pretty nice past several days for me.

So as it goes, here are my "resolutions" for 2014 ... It's really more of a "Things I want to do this year" list ... some are technically resolutions, so whatevs. But I just wanted to put some things in writing that I want to keep in mind to do this year. You know, so I don't forget! My mind isn't as fresh and clear as it once was, y'all.

1. Travel more.
2. Learn better photography + how to better edit my photos.
3. Drink Less Beer, Drink More Water (that might be my new motto).
4. Read books more often.
5. Do more cleanses (already started one this week, BOOM).
6. Continue yoga.
7. Be kind and positive toward others ... Smile!
8. Get more sleep.
9. Frequent thrift shops (so many good ones in Austin).
10. Take more outfit photos for the blog.
11. Start collecting records (started this one also, but I gotta keep it up).
12. Write things down ... on paper.
13. Grow up a little (but not like, completely).
14. Start doing the things I really want to do ... no more holding back or putting off :)

What resolutions are you making this year? Do you have any of the same one's as me??

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  1. Hope the resolutions are in order :) - I happen to follow the Google+ and somehow landed on this page. My resolution is become introspective and find the bliss and remain in tranquillity.