Thursday, July 17, 2014

Citygram Magazine's Animated Summer Fashion Lookbook

One of my favorite things about Austin is that I'm constantly surrounded by creative people, creative content and innovative local businesses. Austin is definitely "ahead of the curve" and a great example of this is Citygram Magazine which is a local mobile, interactive publication. They feature influential people in the community, local businesses, food, music, and of course fashion, just to name a few.

The mag has just released their July issue with a new feature fashion lookbook. It's unique because it's both interactive and animated, offering readers a new and improved way to view a style series. It's super cool and definitely worth a look. Not only that but if you live in Austin Citygram it's a great source of inspiration and offers an up-to-date connection to the wonderful community that is Austin, TX!

To check out the magazine and download the app:

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