Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Forever 21 Top (similar), H&M Jeans, Lotta from Stockholm Clogs, Coach Backpack via Charm School Vintage, Ray-Ban Sunnies

About this tribal necklace- I bought it years ago in college from a now closed clothing boutique. The lady who owned the shop told me she found it at a market on a trip she took to Africa which, at age 20, I thought was soooo cool... and I still do! I've definitely gone through spurts where I've worn it a lot, then not worn it for months or even years. Right now I'm in a "wear it with everything" phase. It's such an interesting piece and it actually goes really well with a lot of my clothing even though it's very busy. But I like busy. Definitely something I'll keep forever.

Anyway, just a little update on me- Right now I'm writing from my home in Austin but once you read this I'll be on vacation in New York with my cousins and we're also taking a train to Boston for a few days after that. I've been to New York several times but I've never been to Boston. Very excited. We're going to a Red Sox vs. Yankees baseball game! Holy shit. That's pretty amazing/epic. I'll give you an update on all the sites we see and the things we do once I'm back home. Talk soon!

Photos by Whitney Devin

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