Wednesday, September 16, 2015

West Elm Austin Blogger Dinner

I'm taking a little break from trip recapping to chat with you about a very special dinner I attended this past weekend at West Elm Austin.

Chelsea Francis, my dear friend and very talented photographer, along with West Elm hosted this beautiful dinner and it was such a great way to spend one of my first evenings back home. I had no idea that West Elm was so willing to work with and support local creatives and influencers but y'all, wow. I was blown away. West Elm is becoming a safe space, as Nicole would call it (and I agree), for the Austin creative community to come together and host events sharing their craft, whatever that may be. Whether it's hosting a knitting workshop, having a styling event, teaching people how to create the perfect table setting... Whatever it is that you are passionate about and want to share they can accommodate you. 

Embracing creativity, empowering women, supporting small business owners. What a breath of fresh air to see this kind of progress in Austin in the last year. I'm so happy I'm here witnessing its unfolding and to actually be apart of it as well. I can't wait to grow with all of you awesome people! If you are interested in hosting an event at West Elm please let me know and I will get you connected. And you never know. I may even be hosting one in the (somewhat) near future.

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