Thursday, October 29, 2015

El Cosmico Snapshots

ElCosmico_1 ElCosmico_2 ElCosmico_4 ElCosmico_3 ElCosmico_5 ElCosmico_6 ElCosmico_7 ElCosmico_9 ElCosmico_8 ElCosmico_10 ElCosmico_12 ElCosmico_11 ElCosmico_13 ElCosmico_14
Photos by me

I figured since I threw it back with my Marfa look on Tuesday I'd just continue with that theme for the rest of the week. And anyway these shots from El Cosmico in Marfa are just too pretty not to share. We stayed out here on our first night and then at a house we rented through HomeAway for the other two days.

I didn't actually take any photos besides these. I let Chelsea handle that because well, she's a boss and of course the photos she took turned out amazing. But the few shots I did get I'm pretty proud of. If you're ever in Marfa I definitely recommend staying at El Cosmico. It is the cutest little trailer park I ever did see. I feel so calm and relaxed every time I stay there. And y'all, there are outdoor showers... There aren't many things better than outdoor showers. I promise.

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