Thursday, December 3, 2015

December Small Goals: 2015

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Photo by Chelsea Laine Francis

Happy Thursday! It's a new month so that means it's time for some new small goals. Let's get into it straight away and see how I did in November!

1) Do another juice cleanse.
Done! I actually forgot about this one until the week before Thanksgiving... so I did it the week before Thanksgiving which turned out great. A nice cleanse before I ate A LOT over the holiday!
2) Start reading Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert.
Nope. I've only been doing my small goals posts for a couple months but I'm already making it a rule that I can't have anymore book goals. I'm just way to busy right now.
3) Plan a fun vacation for December.
Yes! I'm going to California in a few weeks to visit my friend Gina who I met while in Italy over the summer. So excited for some relaxation time on the coast. And maybe even a little thrifting... (OK, maybe a lot of thrifting!)
4) Learn Squarespace.
I'm learning! The Pieceology Vintage web site will be launching next week. It's been pretty stressful but for the most part Squarespace is really user friendly and they offer great customer support.
5) Reach out to at least one potential blog sponsor.
I haven't done this one either. Although I have been thinking a lot about what direction I want to take this blog in come the new year. Stay tuned for that!

Three out of five. Eh, not great, but the goals I didn't get accomplished I still feel like I got something out of actually writing them down. They were on my mind so that's better than nothing! And now onto December...

Solidify two events for Pieceology Vintage in January.
I would like to try to do at least two pop-up events each month for PVTG. I have a few things in mind, just need to get in touch with the people in charge!

Make time for Christmas shopping.
After my pop-up on the 13th I should have a sec to get some holiday gifts for friends and family. And speaking of holiday gifts, Chelsea put together the most wonderful holiday gifting good guide and PVTG is a part of it! It's all about shopping consciously and supporting small businesses, y'all! So good. I'm already eyeing so many things from it!

Open a business bank account for the shop.
I was putting this off but I think it needs to be done sooner rather than later. I'll be happy I did it so early on once tax time comes around!

Start running again.
So I think I'm going to be doing a 5k in February! I know it's not much but I still need to start preparing now. I'm super rusty. I haven't ran in almost two years! But in the new year I'm going to try a lot harder to commit to doing my body good.

Think about where I want to take this blog in the new year.
I mentioned this above, but I really feel like I'm starting to get a clearer picture in my mind of how I want to evolve this blog next year. There was a moment this month where I even thought about giving it up and focusing all my energy on PVTG. I'm not sure if that's the answer but I'm definitely going to spend some time this month thinking about my next steps.

Wish me luck! And don't forget to link up with us over on Nicole's blog if you want to share your monthly goals as well.

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