Tuesday, January 19, 2016

How To: Wear A Blanket Scarf 4 Ways

Photos by Chelsea Laine Francis
Styled by Chelsea Laine Francis and myself

I asked Chelsea to help me style up a big ole blanket scarf from my beloved Interlaced Goods and we had so much fun doing it! Honestly, when I bought this scarf I had a really hard time trying to figure out how to style it. I'm a pretty small person and blanket scarves consist of A LOT of fabric. Seeing these photos has definitely shown me that I can in fact wear a blanket scarf without it looking completely ridiculous. And guess what? I'm here to show you that you can too! Seriously, if my 4'11 self can wear one of these, you can definitely rock one as well. Here's how I like to style my blanket scarf four different ways!

1) As A Shawl
Scarf4Ways_1 Scarf4Ways_2 Scarf4Ways_3
For this one you literally just fold up your scarf, throw it over your back, then tuck it under your arms. Probably the easiest of the four ways!

2) Belted
Scarf4Ways_4 Scarf4Ways_5 Scarf4Ways_6
For the belted look wrap your scarf the same way you would when you're wearing it as a shawl then buckle a belt around it. I thought this one might be restricting but it's not at all! Just make sure not to buckle your belt too tight so your arms have room to move.

3) Like Lenny
Scarf4Ways_9 Scarf4Ways_8 Scarf4Ways_7
As we styled this third look Chelsea asked me if I'd ever seen the famous photo of Lenny Kravitz wearing what looked like an actual blanket as a scarf. I hadn't but googled it later... HA! So, this is my VERY subtle interpretation of that. For this cool kid look fold the scarf up in a sort of makeshift triangle and wrap it all the way around your neck making sure the tip of the fold is close to front and center like you see here. Doesn't have to be perfect. The Lenny looks much better a little bit messy.

4) Tossed Over One Shoulder
Scarf4Ways_11 Scarf4Ways_12 Scarf4Ways_10
I didn't think I would like this look as much as I do now that I see it in photos. Throwing one side of the scarf around your should might even be easier than the shawl look!

And my award for personal favorite way to wear a blanket scarf goes to... The belted look!
Interlaced Goods Blanket Scarf, Top via Pieceology Vintage, Skirt via Top Drawer Thrift (similar), Belt and Shoes via Charm School Vintage, Ray-Ban Sunglasses

How do you like to wear your blanket scarf? I'd love to try out some other ways. Let me know in the comments!

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