Thursday, January 21, 2016

New Series Intro: Mixing Vintage With Modern

Free People Coat (similar), Banana Republic Jeans, Interlaced Goods Blanket Scarf, Brixton Hat, Vintage Boots via Charm School Vintage

Since starting Pieceology Vintage I've realized a lot of people are afraid to wear vintage. I'm not really sure why that is, but through chatting with people about the subject I've come to gather that it might have to do with a bit of a stigma people have around vintage clothing. I get a lot of comments like:

"Oh, I can't pull off vintage."
"I don't know how to style vintage." 
"I'm not cool enough to wear vintage."
"I can't ever find vintage pieces in my size.
"If I find a piece that's my size it still doesn't fit well."
"Ew, old clothes, do they smell?"

I love that last one... yes, sometimes they smell, and that's why we have washing machines. But seriously, broaden your horizons people! Vintage is actually fun and I'm here to show you that anyone can wear it... and I know that's true, because I've personally styled many different body types, personalities, age groups, etc in vintage and they always look absolutely fabulous in it! What's more, you can wear "old" clothes with all those new clothes you already have in your closet.

In this series, my intent is to feature one vintage piece every couple weeks and incorporate it into my modern wardrobe styling it three different ways for three different occasions. All other pieces will be new. This is my little attempt at showing you that you CAN wear vintage and still look very cool, put together, current, and on trend (if that's what you're into). And there's one other thing. Each outfit, with the vintage element included, will truly allow you to feel unique in what you're wearing because, guess what? It's vintage and odds are pretty good that no one else will have it! Who doesn't want to feel unique in what they're wearing?!

I'll be starting this series next week so stay tuned for the first installment of Mixing Vintage with Modern! Until then, here are a few recent outfits where I wore one vintage item and all of the other pieces were modern.

Vintage Overall Dress

Vintage Denim Shorts

Vintage Boots

Vintage Top

Vintage Top

Vintage Poncho

Vintage Jumper

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