Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Circa Late 2014, Early 2015

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Black Tunic Top (similar), Target Leggings, Poncho (gift, similar), Interlaced Goods Scarf, Brixton Hat, Shoes via Charm School Vintage, Thrifted Backpack (similar)

Photos by Chelsea Laine Francis

I feel like this is a very "circa late 2014, early 2015" April outfit. Normally, that wouldn't be the best thing I could say because I really like how my style has evolved in the last year and I wouldn't change a thing about it. But, my Dad got me this poncho/cardigan thing for Christmas and I actually really love it. Plus, I've been wearing leggings as pants a lot again lately, which I wore a lot of toward the end of 2014, and I'm digging how comfy and simple that is. Although I definitely don't want to go back to that time (I wasn't in the best place mentally) I sure don't mind bringing back these comfier looks I used to rock on the reg.

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