Tuesday, March 8, 2016

My Warby Parker Home Try-Ons

WarbyParker_1 WarbyParker_2
Photos by Chelsea Laine Francis

You may have noticed a couple weeks ago in this post that I had on a pretty rad pair of Warby Parker sunglasses. Well, they were actually from a home try-on I did last month. Warby Parker does this super cool thing where you can order five pairs of glasses (and/or sunglasses), have them all shipped to your home and try them out for free! Even the shipping is at no additional charge. You can keep your package for a week to decide which pair you like best then send them back once you've made your decision. Then they'll mail you your chosen pair with your correct prescription. It's a great way to make sure the money you're spending is going toward something you know you're definitely going to love! Here are all the glasses I tried out and also the reveal of which pair I ultimately decided to keep!

1) The Newton

2) The Fillmore

3) The Abbott

4) The Percey

5) The Haskell

I really loved them all, but alas, I don't really need five options right now so I narrowed it down to two. One being the sunglasses, but I ended up deciding I have enough sunglasses so I chose...


The Abbott. Funny that I decided on this pair because the shape is really similar to my Ray-Ban sunglasses I wear all the time. What can I say? That shape just works on me!


What do y'all think? Did I make the right choice? Which pair is your favorite?

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