Saturday, April 13, 2013

In Addition To: 30 Day Yoga Challenge Update

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Week 2 is almost done and I can confidently and proudly say that we made it! The roomie and I are 13 days in and going strong. Getting in the routine is the hardest part. Once you have that it gets easier, I promise.

We initially decided to do our yoga practice everyday, but since have started incorporating a little cardio here and there. Running for about 30 minutes in the EARLY morning before work. It's been tough, but we're also getting used to that as well.

So with the extra addition of running we've both realized how old and crappy our tennis shoes are. I did some browsing and compiled some cute pairs above. I'm thinking on getting the Nike Free Run+ 3 pair in black and white. I love the look of them and they can be worn with other outfits besides running shorts and t-shirts. I'm thinking cropped pants and a fun tank top for a sporty, chic look. The sport luxe trend is really in right now so that's a score for getting your monies worth! I can even turn my workout regime into a fashion moment. Go figure :)
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  1. Oh congrats on doing so well, it's inspiring! All those running shoes are so cute, I definitely thinking looking good helps with confidence when running!

  2. I love these! I'm super into running now and these are so popular at my gym!
    Love your blog, hope you stop by mine and we can follow eachother!