Friday, January 9, 2015

Weekend Trip To Gruene

As I mentioned earlier this week, we visited the little town of Gruene, Texas this past weekend which is located right outside of New Braunfels. Gruene is considered by some similar to Fredericksburg but more quaint and less crowded but still just as charming and I'd have to agree. The town is pretty much just one street which houses cute shops, places to eat and a few bars here and there for drinks and dancing. All in all, I had a great time and would definitely visit again. Being only about an hour south of Austin it was a great little weekend getaway. If you ever find yourself heading that way here are a few recommendations you should check out while you're there.  

Gruene Mansion Inn - This is where we stayed and where the majority of the photos you see were taken. This bed and breakfast is awesome. They serve breakfast every morning in the main house and also have rooms you can stay in. Additionally they have cottages in the back that sit right on the Guadalupe River which is where we stayed. I really enjoyed staying in the cottages. The room was adorable and it felt more private being on the backside of the property.

The Gristmill - There are only a handful of restaurants in Gruene and this one was right next to our B&B. Literally right next door. The food was pretty good and the atmosphere was great. It was really chilly out the night we went but the patio was covered and heated so we were able to sit outside and actually enjoy it.

Natural Bridge Caverns - This is a must. It's about 20 miles further south toward San Antonio, but is worth the short, scenic drive there. The caves at Natural Bridge Caverns are so beautiful and the tour guides were extremely friendly and knowledgeable. If you are even slightly interested in the outdoors (like me) you will enjoy this.

Mozie's - This is a bar/restaurant right across the street from our B&B. It has the longest bar I've ever seen and even though you'd expect there to be only half decent bar food there is actually a full menu. I got the fish tacos which were great. They even serve pasta which was also very tasty.

Vineyard at Gruene - Naturally, we went wine tasting one night, because... well I don't need a reason for drinking wine. We went in the evening when it was pretty quiet but the space is huge and would probably be beautiful during the day. I'm more of a red drinker but I actually liked one of the white's (a Chardonnay) we tried best and bought a bottle, again, because I need no reason for wine drinking. It's just necessary.

Gruene Hall - We actually didn't go to Gruene Hall but heard good things about it. It's mostly live country music from my understanding which really isn't my thing but I think this would be an enjoyable spot for a lot of people to check out while in town. It is also right next door to Gruene Mansion.

I hope this little guide helps if you ever go out to Gruene for a visit. I highly recommend it! Happy Friday!

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