Thursday, April 9, 2015

Warm Weather Essentials: The Crop + The Cutoffs

 Free People Crop Top, Levi's Cutoff Shorts via Urban Outfitters, Vintage Coach Backpack via Charm School Vintage, Lotta From Stockholm Clogs, Anthropologie Necklace

Hey there! So I know I've been pretty heavy my past couple posts so let's get back to the simple stuff today. Like pretty clothes and fun tips. Yes, I like that. Let's do it.

Spring is here and Summer is almost just around the corner. So, in honor of this change in climate I've decided to do a four part series. The idea kinda came about the other day when my roommate asked me what essentials she needs in her wardrobe for the upcoming months. I have to admit I was a little stomped at first. It feels like it's been winter for so long that I forgot what to wear when it's not below 50! After some careful thought I think I have the answers, or at least my answers, for her and for you I hope. In the next few weeks I'll be sharing my warm weather essentials I believe every flower loving, music festival going, adventure seeking fashion girl should have in their closet for the warm months ahead of us.

The crop top.
I know a crop top might be a little much for some people and I totally get that. Honestly, I don't wear them all that often, but every now and then they really do come in handy. Say if you're just wearing some high-waist shorts. A crop top wouldn't be super revealing and you are able to show off more of your bottom than you would with a longer shirt. Plus they're great for beach vacations and festivals. So don't be shy, you can rock it I promise.

The cutoff jean shorts.
Which happen to go really well with a crop top... Let me tell you about these shorts. I've had them for at least 4 years and was searching for a pair probably even a year or two before that. They're just so necessary and never go out of style IMO. I mean look back to the hippie kids of the 60s and 70s and the grunge scene in the 90s. They were there. I wear them at least once a week every year from April to September. Mine are slightly more high-waisted but I just love the look of a ripped up pair of cutoffs. They go with EVERYTHING.

Let me know what some of your warm weather essentials are. We'll see if we pick any of the same ones once I'm done with the series in a few weeks! I think I have five or six more items to share. I'm excited and I hope you are, too.

P.S. Can we talk for a second about how beautiful these photos turned out. My friend Chelsea is a genius. We took these at the Zilker Botanical Gardens in Austin and it was so much fun. Anything with flowers makes me happy. It was lightly raining outside and everything was just... magical.

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