Monday, August 31, 2015

Barefoot in Santorini

Tunic bought from a shop on Kamari Beach, Ray-Ban Sunglasses

I'm back from a much needed week off. It was so wonderful spending quality time with my momma at the beach! These photos were taken at the hotel we stayed at on Kamari Beach in Santorini, Greece. I have more photos to share from the trip but in the meantime let's discuss it a little.

Y'all... Best. Holiday. Ever. No but seriously, Santorini is a little dream world. I loved it so much. Kamari is one of the villages located on the island and it's actually one of the few beach spots. Most of the villages, like the famous Oia, are situated up on these giant cliffs that overlook the Aegean Sea. So, if you are ever in Santorini and want to stay on the beach and relax go with Kamari. I also recommend our hotel, Kamari Beach Hotel. It has an amazing pool and bar where they serve food, cocktails and some of the best cold coffee I've ever had (um, frappes with ice cream, yes!!!). Also, free sunbeds and an umbrella on the beach in front of the hotel are included when you book. Kamari is also home to tons and tons of shops and restaurants which my mom and I took full advantage of. I bought this beautiful tunic at a little vintage store right by the hotel. It was the perfect cover up and was light weight enough to keep me cool in the extreme heat and humidity.

I have lots of tips and suggestions for things to do if you are ever in Santorini coming up this week so stay tuned!

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