Friday, September 25, 2015

Weekly Update #1

I really love reading Chelsea's blog. A lot of the time she kind of just writes what she's feeling and then presses publish. Like she's letting us have a sneak peek inside her personal diary. I appreciate that so much and I feel like I don't do that sort of thing enough around here. So here are some things I've been doing/thinking/feeling this past week. Maybe I'll make this an every Friday kind of thing...

Have a great weekend, y'all!

1) feeling happy and productive and excited and passionate but also very, very small (in a good way)
2) realizing I haven't sat at home and chilled with a glass of wine since I've been back from Europe
(I'm currently doing this right now as I'm writing this post because it needed to happen)
3) thinking about how I can stay connected with people in my life that aren't in my Austin bubble
4) making fun weekend plans with my gfs like out of town thrifting and tandem kayaking (what??)
5) scheduling meetings with creative ladies for a pretty big project I'm working on
6) understanding I really need to go to the grocery but it's my least favorite thing so I'm avoiding it
7) trying to write and then respond to lots of emails in a timely manner (keyword: trying)
8) working on not letting my past take away from the good things that are coming in my future
9) reflecting on the goodness and relaxation of being in Marfa with my friends
10) allowing myself to be overwhelmed and work it out rather than let it shut me down

What were you up to this week?

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