Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Texas Summer Forever

Anthropologie Top, Vintage Shorts from Italy (similar), Handmade Espadrilles from Spain (similar)

Well hello there summertime that is nowhere close to ending because... Texas. It's almost October but this outfit is totally reasonable to wear right now since the temps are still in the high 90s around these parts. I talked about transitional pieces (and pizza) in my last outfit post so if you don't live somewhere where there are no real seasons and you actually do have them go check that out. I put together some really great tips for you (sorry Texas friends).

OK, hot weather rant over, outfit talk commence. I honestly never thought to knot-tie a top to make it cropped until I saw this look from Nicole and ever since then I've been tying up my tops at least a couple times a week. It definitely compliments any figure and if you are like me (short) and most of your tops are way too long anyway I think this is a much more fun and stylish option versus just the regular ole shirt tuck in. So I highly suggest you try it out and if you live in Texas you have like four more months before it gets too cold to do so! Lucky you (and me), right?!

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