Thursday, February 18, 2016

Late for School

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Urban Outfitters Dress (old, similar), Thrifted Denim Vest (similar), Abercrombie Coat (sold out, similar), Thrifted Booties (similar), Vintage Coach Backpack via Charm School Vintage (similar), Neckerchief via Pieceology Vintage

Photos by Chelsea Laine Francis

I love this high school right near my house in East Austin. I mean, they made all the trimmings mint green. How cute is that? I wish my high school were that cute but it definitely was not. Not even close. I'm pretty sure the "accent" colors were black or beige or something equally uninspired.

I was one of those kids that was always late to school. Seriously, I think I was the last student to walk in the building most days. I was late then, and honestly not much has changed. Sure, if it's something important I'll be on time, but there is a reason why I like working from home, among other things, of course. But not having to be at an office by 8AM is definitely close to the top of my long list. I've never claimed to be punctual! But, hey, I have to say I almost always looked cute. My love for fashion goes way back, even before high school, but I remember I liked taking risks back then as well. I think this look would make my high school self pretty proud, maybe even a little jealous.

What about you? Were you always late to school, early? A fashion risk taker or maybe a little more reserved? I think it's super interesting to hear about other people's high school experiences. I feel like everyone has such a different perspective on what was, agreeably, a pretty strange season in our lives.

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