Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Warm Weather Essentials: The Hat + The Clog

Urban Outfitters Tunic, H&M Jeans, Lotta from Stockholm Clogs, Brixton Hat, Vintage Coach Backpack via Charm School Vintage

The final installment of my warm weather essentials is here and I saved my favorite for last. Chelsea and I were driving around trying to find a good spot to shoot and we stumbled upon this baseball field and these bleachers. I mean... we had to. It was such a different location for me and I loved it. I even did some climbing in my heels. Safe? Maybe not. Fun and totally worth it? Um, yes. Anyway, here are my final two essentials I think all you fashion lovers out there should have for this spring and summer.

The hat.
I love my Brixton hat. I wear it quite a bit. I think the key to finding a hat that you'll actually wear is searching until you find one that fits your head and face well. If you wanna get super fancy about it you can get a custom hat made from your local hat shop. They'll measure your head and everything. I didn't get that fancy with mine but I did get a hat that came in sizes. My head is super small so I got an XS and it helped so much. Hats are great for all the outdoor activities you'll do when it's warmer out too. I love wearing mine at festivals to shield my face from the sun. This hat is felt which I love but I'm currently on the hunt for a good straw one for summer. I had one last year but I didn't really take very good care of it so it's all squished up now. Oops. 

The clog.
 Oh, the clog. My new favorite shoe. You saw them in my first essentials post here. I didn't mention them then but I thought about it some more and decided I had to include them. I even wore another pair in my maxi dress essentials post. I love clogs! For some reason they make me feel super cultured or European or something like that. I just think they are super stylish and a wooden sole just goes with so much. Get some!

So, I hope you've enjoyed my warm weather essentials. I had a lot of fun putting this little series together. I'm planning on doing a recap post at the end of the month so stay tuned for that. Also, I wanna know what you think. What are some of your favorite essentials you'll be sporting in the upcoming months?

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