Thursday, September 26, 2013

Festival Jewelry

I guess technically festival season is over, but we do things a lil differently here in Texas. It's too damn hot in the summer for music festivals! Austin City Limits Music Festival is coming up next weekend then a few weeks after that is my personal fave, Fun Fun Fun Fest. Both festivals are in Austin and even though they are in October and November sometimes it's still pretty freakin' hot! Last year at FFF I was burning up. Ohhh Texas, your weather does confuse me.

Anyway, I've started planning what I'm going to wear, which is my second fave part about music festivals obvi. To get inspired I decided to pull out all my vintage jewelry my grandma gave me a couple years ago. These are perfect festival pieces if you ask me! Also, for added inspo, I'll be doing a fun Music Edition post next week with some songs from the bands I'm most excited to see. Soooo many good acts this year! Stay tuned :)

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