Thursday, July 30, 2015

Italia Bound

Free People Dress via Nordstrom Rack, Old Navy Clogs, Brixton Hat, c/o Limbo Jewelry Necklace

Photos by Chelsea Laine Francis

Y'all. When I saw this dress I knew it was the PERFECT dress to wear on my long travel day from Austin to Italy. I was so excited. I mean really, what better to travel in than a comfy maxi dress?? And then, the fact that this one basically belongs on me in Tuscany drinking wine overlooking the sunset with friends at some fabulous villa made it that much more perfect. It felt almost too good to be true... And then it was. What?? This story took a quick turn.

That's right. As I was putting it on for my shoot with Chelsea the zipper broke (see photo #5... that's not me practicing the sorority pose, I was actually covering up where it broke with my hand). I didn't have time before leaving to get it fixed so sadly this cutie will not be joining me on my trip. But alas, as Gloria Gaynor would say, I will survive and luckily I have the best dress ever that I've decided to wear in its place. Not a bad trade off if you ask me.

With that said, I'm off! Italy, here I come! Follow me over on instagram to keep up with all my adventures in real time. And of course, I'll still be updating the blog while I'm there. Ciao for now!

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