Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Jimmy Page and Denim Jackets

denim_jacket1 denim_jacket2 denim_jacket3 denim_jacket4 denim_jacket5 denim_jacket7 denim_jacket8 denim_jacket9
Dress & Shoes via Charm School Vintage, Thrifted Jacket & Backpack, Brixton Hat

Photos by Chelsea Laine Francis

Seriously, how perfect is this location in East Austin? Chelsea saw that Jimmy Page poster and immediately knew we had to shoot in front of it and I'm so glad we did. I feel like kinda of the coolest in these photos. But, really, Chelsea always makes me feel like the coolest when we get together to shoot.

Also, let me geek out for a minute about this awesome denim jacket. I found it when I was out thrifting back in December while in California on a buying trip for Pieceology Vintage. It's nice to take a detour from time to time to shop for myself instead of the shop, although I have to say, both are equally exciting. The thrill of the hunt is real, y'all. Especially when you're looking for that one particular item and you actually find it. That was definitely the case with this jacket. I'm thinking of covering it in patches soon so it'll be ready for me once fall hits again.

Do you have a special thrifted piece that you were searching and searching for and then you finally found it and it was just the best? 

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